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Quatre Pierres 

Domaine des


You’ll find Domaine des Quatre Pierres in the village of Aragon in the Cabardès sub region of Languedoc. The vineyards are dominated by clay and limestone with some vineyards having softer soils and some more rocky. This give unique personalities to their different wines. The alkaline soils and 300m elevation provide freshness to the grapes in this warm region also helped by the Atlantic breeze blowing in from the south.

“Wines with clarity and freshness with each grape variety able to show their unique personalities in the blend”

Edouard Fortin cut his teeth in the vineyards of Burgundy and in 2010 decided to purchase 4.5 hectares of land which would later become the vineyards of Quatre Pierres. The soil composition, with its limestone and clay are not a million miles away from the soils he worked on in Burgundy and he immediately saw the potential of this idillic area of the Languedoc.

Edouard grew up surrounded by polyculture farming and puts sustainability and biodiversity at the heart of everything he does. The vineyards are farmed organically, he also grows most of his own food from crops around the domaine. In the cellar the wines are made with no additions, only a small dose of SO2 before bottling.



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Les Petits Cailloux
Les Ricochets 
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El Pépé
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