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Domaine des Notes Bleues

Jura - Arbois (Mesnay) 

Cedric Mottet is based in the village of Mesnay, next door to Arbois. Growing up in Jura, Cedric was involved in viticulture from a young age but decided to leave the region to pursue a career in music, but the call of Jura was to strong to resist and in 2017 he returned to the region to start Domaine des Notes Bleues, which is a nod to his love of jazz. The ‘blue notes’ are the microtonal notes in between the conventional notes of the blues and major scales.


He farms around 6 hectares of vines which mostly fall into the Arbois AOC appellation at 300-400m elevation, including a single vineyard called Le Cul de Bray. His vines are planted on soils full of marl and limestone gravel and are a mixture of younger vines and some 70-80 years old. 

IMG_7009 2.jpg

Cedric's first vintage was 2018 and we have brought in a small quantity of his 2020 vintage. He makes wines in the topped up Ouillé style from Chardonnay and Savagnin. He vinifies in stainless steel tanks and also makes use of 300l & 500l old oak barrels for extended elevage up to two years. The wines are bottled unfined and unfiltered and Cedric adds very small amounts of SO2, some during vinification and some at bottling (only if he feels it is needed). The wines end up with a total SO2 of no more than 35ppm. 

The wines have a lot of complexity, a kaleidoscope of florals, stone fruits, citrus, herbs and spices. The long elevage on these wines results in a unique softness and multidimensional texture. Cedric only makes a few hundred bottles of each of his wines so grab them while you can!


Notes Bleues Savagnin Ouille 2020.png
Notes Bleues Chardonnay CDB 2020.png
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