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Back in 2018 Benjamin made a wine from the north-east facing Juliénas vinyard called Vayolette. A rather steep vineyard with slopes of more than 20%, it's not an easy site to work on. The cooler temperatures here result in fresh and floral wines and the structure of the subsoil brings natural tannic power to the wines. It's rather fortunate that we have some of the wine with a few years of age as the rich tannins have had time to integrate into the wine and become elegant, the wine feels very complete. 
Country: France
Region: Beaujolais
Appellation: Juliénas 
Lieu-dit: Vayolette
Varieties: Gamay 
Style: Medium Bodied Red 
Vineyard: steep north facing, granatic soils with blue stones

Farming: Practicing biodynamic (not certified)
indigenous yeasts, 100% destemmed, 10 months in old oak
Additions: none, apart from a tiny SO2 addition before bottling
Vintage: 2020

The 2018 vintage in Beaujolais was outstanding, a sunny and dry summer and enough ground water to allow freshness and acidity to remain in the wine despite the high summer temperatures. Many of the wines are big and rich for Beaujolais but the best growers managed to achieve balance. 

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