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Jura - Vincelles

Henri Le Roy is a former biologist who in 2005 moved to Jura to start l’Aigle à Deux Têtes (Two- headed Eagle). He farms around 5 hectares of vines in the Vincelles area of the Jura. This is the next village up from Rotalier (home to Ganevat and Labet).


Henri’s best site is called ‘Vernambaud’, this is the magical plot just outside the village of Grusse. Here there are two isolated parcels of vines surrounded by forest, one is a very well-known vineyard belonging to Domaine Miroirs (Entre deux Bleus), and the other is Henri’s. The soils here are rich in blue marl and the site is known for its low yields.  


Henri's vines are farmed without synthetic chemicals (but are not certified), he makes wines in the topped up (Ouille) style with no additions apart from SO2 at bottling. These wines have great tension and depth and can be found in some of the great restaurants of the world, including the 3 star Le Bernardin in New York.


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