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Les Vignes de Yavanna

Anjou (Loire) 


Julie & Charles Escaillet met in 2015 while studying oenology and viticulture, they have both worked for Chinon grower Patrick Corbineau who has mentored and inspired many Loire producers and have a shared passion for growing grapes organically and making wine without additives. In 2019 they started Les Vignes de Yavanna and look after 3 hectares of vines in the communes of Tigné, Machelles and Faye d’Anjou. 


Their vineyards have sandy, silty soils and some clay with most of the vines being over 50 years old, this means low yields and great concentration in the wines. The wines of vignes de Yavanna are easily approachable, vibrant expressions of Grolleau and Cabernet Franc made with whole bunch fermentations in neutral vessels. These are true artisanal natural wines made on a very small scale with only a few thousand bottles produced each vintage.


Steal This Bottle - 2020

Grolleau from 78 year old vines grown on silt/clay soils in Tigné. 10 days whole bunch in fiberglass. 12 months in old oak, no SO2 added. 

Perseides - 2021

Cab Franc from  50 year old vines grown on sand/silt soils in Machelles. 7 days whole bunch, ferment and aging in fiberglass (9 months), no SO2 added.

Reggae Wine System - 2021

Grolleau noir 80%, Cabernet franc 15%, Gamay Fréaux 5%. 60 year old vines grown on sand/silt/clay soils in Faye d'Anjou. Quick maceration followed by 7 months in fiberglass tank, no SO2 added. 

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