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You will find the Petracavallo estate in the Terra delle Gravine area of Puglia Southern Italy. The vineyards of Petracavallo sit on barren rocky ground, a mixture of Limestone and red earth rich soils, this type of landscape is known as Karst.

This is great terroir for vinegrowing, the vines suffer and dig down their roots into the bedrock producing more intensely flavoured grapes. The alkaline soils also help to retain acidity, very important in such warm region of Italy.

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“Super fresh, smashable wines, Italian sunshine in a glass”

The grapes at Petracavallo are grown using traditional methods, without pesticides. The wines ferment with indigenous yeasts and are vinified without without enzymes or additives apart from a small amount of SO2 before bottling. The wines taste like summer in a glass. The whites and oranges have a gentle grip and are bursting with juicy, pithy fruit. There’s plenty of acidity thanks to the famous calcareous soil and they are low in alcohol which provides excellent ‘smashability’. The Rosso is made from Puglia’s signature red variety Primitivo (AKA Zinfandel in other parts of the world). There’s no jammy flavours here, just inky, juicy, fresh, thirst quenching wine to transport you to sunny Puglia.


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PCAV Bye Bye Bye Bianco.png

Bye Bye Bye

PCAV Bianca d'Alessano Orange.png

Bianco d'Alessano

PCAV Big Foot.png

Big Foot

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