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Caveau du Val d'Amour Savagnin 2018.png

Caveau du Val d'Amour

Côtes du Jura - Savagnin 

This is a fantastic oxidative Savagnin that has enough drinkability to pull the cork and enjoy half of the bottle with a block of Comté,. For lovers of vin jaune, those who like sherry but also those who are new to the oxidative wines of Jura. There's heaps of freshness alongside the nutty spicy flavours you'd expect from a wine aged under a veil of yeast (flor). If you are lucky enough to have had the Côtes de Jura from Macle, this is a must try! And remember, these wines are so stable you can drink them over days or even weeks. 

Country: France
Region: Jura

Appellation: Côtes du Jura
Varieties: 100% Chardonnay

Category: Oxidative White
Viticulture: Organic

Hand Harvested: Yes

Fining: no

Filtration: no 

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