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Northern Rhone & Ardeche

Vindiou is the winemaking project of Thomas and Cyprien, the two friends source grapes from local artisanal growers who work small plots without chemicals. Hand harvested, spontaneous fermentations, foot stomped. Vinification in stainless steel + used burgundy barrels (3-4 years old). No additions apart from small doses of SO2. Very small production, a few thousand bottles per vintage.

Their Brèves de Comptoir is a delicious blend of grapes from the two regions, Ardèche and Northern Rhône. They are fortunate to be on the border of these regions so have access to a wide variety of terroirs. 

The red label wines are from single vineyards in the Northern Rhône. Serious wines but with the freshness we all crave from the top wines of this region. For example, their Saint Joseph Grand Champs is a powerhouse but still comes in at 11.5% alcohol. 



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Saint-Joseph - Grivet 

Saint-Joseph - Les Grand Champs

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